Work Admissions

To Enroll full-time and part-time teaching at the basic secondary education entrants entrance pass entrance exams in mathematics (in writing) and the Ukrainian language (dictation) in 12-point system. These terms are the documents for full-time education and on-site procurement correspondence.
Documents held under the rules of admission in 2016.

Admission rules download

Applicants submit:

    • Membership application;
    • Document state of basic or secondary education (document received education and qualification level), the personal choice of original or a certified copy (certified photocopy of the original college or as appropriate);
    • Medical certificate for the 086-O, the personal choice of original or a certified copy;
    • 6 photos size 3x4 cm;
    • Certificates of Ukrainian Center of Evaluation of Education, received this year from the items that correspond to the list of entrance tests specified Admission, to participate in the competition for entering the chosen direction of study (certificate with a score less than 100 points rating scale from 100 to 200 to be accepted);
    • Copy of work record (for admission to training on the job);
    • Passport (the birth certificate), military card (certificate of origin to the recruiting station), the original document of education, the original certificate of the Ukrainian Center for Quality Assessment and medical information for the 086-I (after showing them a copy of) the entrant presents himself;
    • Agreement with the appropriate entities for training specialist with partial compensation of costs of targeted training, contract or for providing extra training paid services that are not funded from the state budget.
    • When entering a full refund of expenses for training junior specialist applicants add the contract with legal entities or individuals.
    • Other documents, if any benefits are established by the legislation of Ukraine.