A man armed with knowledge is  invincible.


 Chemico-Techological College of Ivan Kozhedub this year we have celebrated its 90th anniversary. Over the years it has played a significant role in the lives of tens of thousands of people, its leavers, has become the first step towards their professional growth.

Step by Step

1920 - The  technical school was opened and based on Shostka gunpowder factory, which included three faculties: the working, mechanical, chemical, which enrolled about 60 students and 5 teachers were working.

1930 - more than 300 students studied and they were eagerly waiting for the city.

1941-1944 the College  was evacuated to the East.

1944 – the war, but in Shostka the  technical school began to work again.

1948 - the first post-war graduates.

1950 - technical school confirmed as educational and cultural center of the city.

1960-1970 – the  technical  school is  "forge of cadres" for the defense industry, educational institution whose graduates are in demand in the business only for  the Soviet Union.

1980 - intensive development of material base of the  technical  school, lifting its cultural and social level.

1970 -  the opening of the first in Shostka stationary discos, the establishment of the theater show miniatures "Spetssmih."

1983-1985 – the construction of a new academic building with a gym, library, dining room with 240 seats, 500 club seats.

1985 – the opening of a  museum in honor of celebrate the 40th anniversary of Victory of the Soviet people in Great Patriotic War.

1986 – the establishment of the choreographic ensemble "Dawn."

1989 – the expanding range of specialties, equipment, new workshops, laboratories, the establishment of a technical branch of the Department of Chemistry and Technology of Macromolecular Russian Chemico- Technological University,  named after D.I.Mendeleev.

Since 1992 - the college joined the Ministry of Education of Ukraine.

1995 - the College was awarded the college status (the order of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine № 312 November, 14, 1995.)

1999 -  the College was named  three times Hero of the Soviet Union, Marshal Ivan Kozhedub.

2001 – the College joined Shostka Institute of Sumy State University.

Our city Shostka is located among the pine forests in the northern part of  Sumy region. For the first time it is mentioned in 1739, when the royal decree of the senate on the left bank of the river Shostka, one of the tributaries of the Desna River, the was built gunpowder factory.

The history of Chemico-Technological College named after Ivan Kozhedub begins in the autumn of 1920, when at the Shostka gunpowder factory technical school was established (archival reference №  218 of April,5,1975, the PDZHAR SSR). Since its inception, it has been a basic structural unit of the factory, then became a part of  the Ministry of Defense Industry of the former USSR. Since 1992, the college (the technical school has become) a part of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine. In 1995, the order of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine from № 312 November, 14, 1995, the college was granted the status of college in 1999 and was awarded the name of Ivan Kozhedub whose student  life  is related to the College.

The history of the college is closely intertwined with the history of the state. At the time of the establishment it had three faculties: the working, mechanical, chemical, it enrolled 60 people. In 1930, the number of students increased to 300 in 1934 to 500, and in 1941 the college gave the national economy about 2,000 technicians, technologists, technicians, analysts, mechanics of chemical production equipment.  32 experienced teachers worked there.

The first director was Mashkin MA
During the war the school was a warrior-technical school. Many teachers and students fought on the fronts. Those who remained in the city, denounced the enemy fighter in the battalion, people's militia. We are proud that the local commander of the guerrilla group in the harsh war years was the former director of the college, the secretary of party committee Kuzma Yuhymovych Tralo

After two years of occupation the institution had the damage of 8 million rubles. Near the walls the Nazis shot more than 800 civilians, guerrillas, activists of the city. The monument at the mass grave near the walls of the college reminds about it. At any time of the year there are fresh flowers, college students keep the memory of generations.

In the postwar period the school was restored and so it is difficult to find chemical enterprises, wherever our graduates have worked. Every fourth inhabitant of Shostka is a graduate of our institution. Over the years, it  produced more than 20 000 specialists for the enterprises of the city and region.

We are proud of our college graduates I.M. Kozhedub , three times Hero of the Soviet Union, pilot-fighter ace air battles; D.M. Chechulin, the chief architect of Moscow, People's Architect of the USSR, Hero of Socialist Labor, awarded the Order of Lenin, four other orders and medals; Kotov F.YA., the former director of the factory "Sybselmash" from 1976 to 1990, the first Deputy Minister of Machine Building USSR ;Marchenko G . M., - PhD, Professor, Academician of Russian Academy of Sciences, headed DerzhNDIHP, Kazan; Hood MS, Ph.D., professor of Russian Chemico-Technological University named after D.I. Mendeleev and others.

Chemico- Technological College today - the institution is accredited at a level that is licensed to implement educational activities at the level of secondary education, conducts training for day time and correspondence departaments on 9 specialties. On the basis of 9 classes professionals are trained in the field: "Installation, maintenance tools and systems automate production, processing of materials on machines and automatic lines", "Installation and maintenance of electrical and civil construction, maintenance and repair of equipment of enterprises of chemical and oil and gas industry" , "Production of solid chemicals," "Factories are equipped with high power and high-speed connections," "Economy of enterprise", "Commodity and Commerce," "Accounting". In the correspondence department trains specialists in the field: "Accounting", "Business Economics", "Manufacture of solid chemicals," "Maintenance and repair of equipment oil and gas refining and chemical industry", "Installation, maintenance tools and systems automate production."

Material base of the college consists of two academic buildings, dormitories, training and production workshops. In an educational institution there are operating equipped classrooms and labs, 2 computer labs, two gyms, a sports ground. Students have the opportunity to enjoy a reading club hall, the library with fund of more than 83,000 copies.

We also have the  museum, opened since May, 1985. It was founded in honor of the commemoration of 40 anniversary of Victory of the Soviet people in World War II. Among the tasks performed by a museum is to provide a comprehensive approach to all matters of education, organic unity, learning and educational processes, the formation of students' scientific outlook, inculcating interest in future trade, the full development of public and creative activity, strengthen family ties , college and community. The museum exhibits tell much about childhood, training in Shostka chemico-technological school  College, participation in World War II, postwar activities of I.M. Kozhedub. Interesting materials "Unknown I.M. Kozhedub" were collected by to student group "Search".

The college established a youth club in running sports clubs, groups of amateur and technical creativity. We are proud of having  two teams, awarded the status of folk. They are the student theater-show of miniatures and dance group "Dawn".
The educational process is provided by 75 full-time faculty and staff of administrative bureaucracy. Candidates of sciences, professors, methodologists, are among these 68% - teachers of the higher and the  first categories.
The main task of the academic staff college is meeting the needs of youth in a variety of educational services. Therefore, along with getting the diploma of a junior specialist students can learn the trades "Typing operator" taking preparatory courses for admission to higher educational institutions of Ukraine. Many college graduates continue their studies in higher education  of 3-4 accreditation. They continue their studies and full-time at correspondence departments of Shostka Institute of Sumy State University.

Education received in our school is  the guarantor of professionalism, fluency in modern technology, efficient use of national resources, confidence in your knowledge and actions, ability to defend its position.

The college Team looks ahead confidently. We have a rich and colorful history of the institution, and in front , a new and important task in the noble cause of education and upbringing of youth. 

Pages of history ...



Years, decades passed. Dates and events become a part of history. And the memory of people is alive. It returns to us in photographs, books, mentions of the witnesses. Any history, the event has its beginning.

The year of 1917. The period when the old world was destroyed, and the new one has not been established. The country ruined. The industry was the need for trained personnel. On the basis of one of the oldest state-owned factories - Myhaylivskyi (now plant "Star") in the areas where the hospital № 2 is  situated now and the plant trade union "Star" was organized proftehschool for training workers.

With the development of the production a need to prepare more qualified personnel appears. And in 1920 proftehschool renamed into the technical school. The state provides a great help in expanding the material base. Professional staff receives equipment manuals at its disposal.

After the reorganization of chemico-technological institute in 1934 transferred the college took back material resources, educational building, a dormitory of 560 seats, 80 thousand volumes of academic literature and fiction. The technical school, and the number of students have been growing.

If the formation  year at the technical school there worked 5 teachers and students numbered 60 people, at the beginning of 1941 there were 34 teachers, and the number of students amounted to 1200.
At this time, the technical school turned into one of the largest secondary schools, trained more than 2000 specialists for  the economy. The first technical school directors Mashkin, Yalyshev, Shklyarevych, Matvienko  gave much energy.

September 2, 1943 General Rokosovskyi’s  Army troops liberated Shostka. The Nazis burned all the buildings the technical school. It was a difficult and challenging times. The order to start classes Sept. 5, 1944 was received. All responsibility, the whole reconstruction of technical school was put on the director Stepan Lenchyk. The teachers’ and students’  task was to rebuild the destroyed buildings.  And while rebuilding activities, classes were held in the building of modern gymnasium. In summer students for  teachers refused to leave and vacations,in order to rebuild destroyed buildings.

There was a warm summer day.  The pupils  (students) lived waiting for  exams and summer vacation. It is difficult to say how many dreams, thoughts, how many rises were interrupted by the June night of 1941. The enemy went on our land, cruel, vicious marauder. Young men and boys went to the front men.


 Today – they are greyhaired veterans, then young people who did  not know living yet, they made a step towards death, and many of them - to immortality.
At the end of June, 1941 it  became clear that the fiery tornado could reach our city, the evacuation of factories and institutions began. August 23 the College received the order to evacuate to the east of the country.

After two years of occupation large technical losses, were marked the Germans turned into the building of  the Gestapo torture chamber. The monument near the walls of the college, reminds about  in a mass grave this terrible time at rest over 800 residents of the city and district, were buried shot and tortured by the Nazis. Many technical school  leavers and teachers stayed in these terrible days of death and heroism forever. 

Life went on its way. The country became the peace track. The former ruins turned into ordered buildings of workshops, the first machines, appeared in the works hops and laboratories were equipped. The  teachers,  the students returned. With the onset of spring confidence has come. With great enthusiasm former soldiers took the books, sat at desks next to very young boys and girls. Despite the difficult postwar times, hard work, training and youth always remained young. Sports sections and amateur groups began their work.

50th  years - the years of establishment of technical school as a cultural center. Due to the lack of specialists for the chemical industry and national defense in 1954  college night classes, were opened it operated until 1997. The  leaders of this department were: O.M. Struhalyov, FD Mazur, G.S. Gavrylenko. During  these years the technical school gave the greatest scope of specialists,  medium-chain professionals.


                           October 7, 1954                                                                            1954 Technical school Wind Orchestra


May 1, 1955

Between 60-70 years the technical school (without exaggeration) became a "breeding ground staff" for the defense industry. Teaching staff is headed by E. Verda.
70-80 th - the years of intensive development of material base of the technical school, further rise in its cultural and social level. Subject groups, groups of amateur performances, sports section work.
M.J. Kurbatov, L.I. Senchenko headed  the technical school.
1979. Teachers A.M. Zuyev and V.G. Burynda open the first stationary disco, V.G. Burynda established the theater -show of miniatures "Spetssmih" which in 1997 receives the name of national group. A.M. Zuyev founds the ensemble of political songs, which  was celebrated in regional competitions for many times.


                                     On a hike                                                                    N. Bokova, a student of group T-76-1
                                                                                                                  Winner of regional and national competitions

In the 1983-1985 years the technical school has grown twice. In the city instead of the destroyed house there is a new building with a gym, a library, a dining room, a club. Much of the credit is due to  the Hero of Socialist Labour B.P. Hnivush - at that time deputy director of the college, O.N. Shoshyn - Director of Plant "Zirka".
Since 1988. V.L. Akulenko. our educational establishment.

Changes marked the technical school . It takes more and more features of a higher educational establishment. This requires  new methods of the staff’s work.

A branch of the Department of Chemistry and Technology of Macromolecular Russian Chemico-Technological University named after  D.I. Mendeleev established in 1989 at the college. The  students of technical school have practice in Moscow and defend their diploma projects there, and some of them later become students of this university.
Bad came times. Recession, the sharp deterioration of economic situation in the country needs from the staff, their  leader and their immediate action to conserve material resources, the contingent of students and intellectual and creative potential that has been accumulated by all previous generations.

The Technical-school opens a new specialties, which enable to keep the previous volume of work, encourage new students professions: electricians, mechanics, businessmen, accountants.

The technical school at team classes in the tract of Krutyshyno

The logical reflection of qualitative changes that occurred in college was for it  in 1995. The ministry of Education of Ukraine gave the status of college in 1999. - The name of Ivan Kozhedub.

The Chemico-Technical Engineering College is the educational establishment accredited by one level, that is licensed to implement educational activities at the level of secondary education trains professionals for full-time and correspondence departments of the nine specialties.

The material base consists of two academic buildings, dormitories, training and production workshops, two gyms and  a sports complex (stadium). In an educational institution operating equipped classrooms and laboratories, two computer labs. The library book fund has more than 83,000 copies.

The preparation of specialists is conducted by a teaching staff, which consists of a PhD, 2 Honoured worker of Education of Ukraine, 17 teachers were awarded with "Excellence in Education of Ukraine", 4 senior lecturers, 20 lecturers of the highest category, 4 teachers-methodologists, a master of sports.



The game-quiz ‘’Weak link’’  in December. Groups T, TC, TV-00
Leader Zuyev A.M.

The finalists of ’Weak link’’  Samokhin D. gr.T-00 gr. TC-00

Life gives us new and difficult tasks. We have sufficient potential to be successfully resolved. The glorious history of our college obliges us to it.