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A man armed with knowledge is  invincible.


 Chemico-Techological College of Ivan Kozhedub this year we have celebrated its 90th anniversary. Over the years it has played a significant role in the lives of tens of thousands of people, its leavers, has become the first step towards their professional growth.

Step by Step

1920 - The  technical school was opened and based on Shostka gunpowder factory, which included three faculties: the working, mechanical, chemical, which enrolled about 60 students and 5 teachers were working.

1930 - more than 300 students studied and they were eagerly waiting for the city.

1941-1944 the College  was evacuated to the East.

1944 – the war, but in Shostka the  technical school began to work again.

1948 - the first post-war graduates.

1950 - technical school confirmed as educational and cultural center of the city.

1960-1970 – the  technical  school is  "forge of cadres" for the defense industry, educational institution whose graduates are in demand in the business only for  the Soviet Union.

1980 - intensive development of material base of the  technical  school, lifting its cultural and social level.

1970 -  the opening of the first in Shostka stationary discos, the establishment of the theater show miniatures "Spetssmih."

1983-1985 – the construction of a new academic building with a gym, library, dining room with 240 seats, 500 club seats.

1985 – the opening of a  museum in honor of celebrate the 40th anniversary of Victory of the Soviet people in Great Patriotic War.

1986 – the establishment of the choreographic ensemble "Dawn."

1989 – the expanding range of specialties, equipment, new workshops, laboratories, the establishment of a technical branch of the Department of Chemistry and Technology of Macromolecular Russian Chemico- Technological University,  named after D.I.Mendeleev.

Since 1992 - the college joined the Ministry of Education of Ukraine.

1995 - the College was awarded the college status (the order of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine № 312 November, 14, 1995.)

1999 -  the College was named  three times Hero of the Soviet Union, Marshal Ivan Kozhedub.

2001 – the College joined Shostka Institute of Sumy State University.